Connect your crewband / wearable.

Get alarmed.

Find your crew member.

Working range and battery life depend on the hardware you use.The good news: We will have our own hardware soon! And this is how your crewbands will look like:

Solar powered

We don’t want you to worry about changing or charging batteries – ever. This is why we have equipped our wristbands with a solar panel, so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

Smart water sensor

The wristband is activated when it detects water or the signal is lost. If a member of your crew gets dragged by the side of the boat, they would still be in range; the smart water sensor will make sure you get alerted right away. Of course, it distinguishes rain or waves from a POB event.

Small and light

You don’t want to carry around too much weight and additional accessories when enjoying your trip. This is the thought we had in mind when creating the wristbands. You put them on, connect them and start your trip. You’ll wear it 24/7, in and out the water – and don’t even feel it.

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