A good connection

Start the app and connect your crewband or your wearable (yes, the app also works with your smartwatch).

The start screen shows you how your crew is doing. Click on “Edit” (iOS) or the stylus (Android) in the top right to add further crew members and enter their names.

You will now see a list of all crewbands / smartwatches / fitness trackers in your vicinity. Find the correct device and click on the plus sign to add the corresponding device. The symbol to the left shows you the signal strength.

After you’ve added a crew member, you can customise the name. To do this, click directly on the name of the device and change it as you wish.

You don’t know who has which device? No problem, you will see further useful information such as the device name, the connection status, the manufacturer and the model. So you can easily assign the respective devices to your crew.

In the menu under “FAQ” you can find more information about the functions.

compatible devices