How it works

How does the app work?
We’ve scribbled down the most important information:

To connect devices, swipe left on the start screen.

You will then see a list of BLE (Bluetooth LE) devices available. Select your device/the devices of your crew members to add them to your crew. Swipe right, and you are ready to go.

When adding more than one third-party device, please ensure that you have purchased a corresponding time package (see Purchase).

To set up crewbands with your smartwatch, please install the corresponding app for your operating system. Follow these steps:

1. Start the app on your smartwatch until you see “Advertising as …”
2. Open crewbands on your phone
3. Add corresponding device to crew
4. Your smartwatch should now display “Connected”

To have your crew list up to date and know which member has which device, you can edit names and distances within the app.

Simply click on the underlined text to change it. This also works with the distance shown in the Anchor Watch screen.

Note, that if the text is not underlined, your are not able to edit. If you want to change the name, swipe left again to edit your crew and rename devices.

In case of a POB incident, an automatic alarm will be triggered.

First of all: stay calm.

The information shown will guide you to the exact GPS position where the POB incident was recorded. Swipe left to see a visualisation of the data, swipe right back to the alarm screen to see the data.

Follow standard POB rescue procedure to ensure the safety of your missing crew member (see POB manoeuvres). You may silence the audio alarm to keep the navigational information visible.

Once you have saved your crew member and your crew is complete, you may dismiss the alarm.

One connection to a third-party device is for free.

To add more devices, go to ‘Packages’ and choose the length of your trip. Once you have purchased a package, you can activate it any time. It is a flat fee, so you can connect as many devices as your phone allows once you have purchased the package.

You can see how much time is left in the package once activated. If you stop the app, the time also stops. Once you start the app again, the countdown continues.

This allows you to buy bigger packages and only use them, if you need them.

Click on the anchor symbol once you have dropped anchor. This will enter your GPS location as reference point.

Enter the length of the chain used to ensure Anchor Watcher alerts you as soon as you leave the perimeter set.

When pulling anchor, click on the anchor symbol to disable Anchor Watcher.

You can choose to stop the app but maintain the Anchor Watcher. Swipe down from the top of your screen to see your notification panel. There you will find two entries for crewbands – one for the crew monitoring function, one for Anchor Watcher.

The app is designed to ensure safety. For this reason, it will continue to run in the background until stopped.

Swipe down from the top of your screen to see your notification panel and select “Stop.”

If Anchor Watch is active, you will see two entries for crewbands – one for the crew monitoring function, one for Anchor Watch, which you can stop separately.