All the information you need

As soon as a person over-board emergency is detected, the app alerts you acoustically and visually via all connected phones. The screen shows you all the information you need to rescue your missing crew member.

First of all: keep calm.

The information displayed will guide you to the exact GPS position at which the person went overboard.

Follow the standard POB procedure to safely rescue your overboard crew member (see POB manoeuvers). You can mute the alarm, but you can still view the information that is important for navigation.

As soon as you have rescued your missing crew member and your crew is complete again, you can turn off the alarm.

In the menu under “Distress Call” you can enter the name of your ship, the radio call sign and the MMSI code.

We hope you never see this screen, but if you do, you have all the information you need to locate your missing crew member.